Martin Jensen & P.Moody – “Sí”!

This is what happens when Danish number one Dj collaborates with Europe’s number one rap artist, Fireworks!

The brand-new single, ‘Sí’, which sampled Cristiano Ronaldo’s voice, spread like wildfire earlier this year exceeding over 14 million streams on Spotify. The track flew into the No. 1 spot on Spotify’s ‘Global Viral Top-50,’ surpassing some of the biggest names in dance music as it topped Spotify charts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Germany.

The Danish Dj Martin Jensen has been an integral part of the Danish club scene for a few years. The single “Sì” is his major breakthrough, after sampling the legendary jubilation of world footballer “Cristiano Ronaldo” during the World Cup 2014 (Ballon d’Or) election and then turned it into a club-friendly anthem.

Dj Martin Jensen shows how he uses the sample in a Facebook trailer – this trailer reached more than 19 million hits within a short time & was divided over 175,000 times.  After hearing P.Moody on the smash hit “One Heart” with Italobrothers, he contacted him for a vocal edit of the single “Sì”. P.Moodys rap part gives the song more energy and drives every club to ecstasy. The single “Si” has reached over 14 million streams and downloads on Spotify in Scandinavia.

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Watch the official vocal video above!

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